HealthSmart CBD provides natural solutions for optimal wellness. Our terpene infused, CBD rich hemp oil products use only the highest quality broad-spectrum industrial hemp distillate oil in the world.


Not All Hemp Is Created Equal

HealthSmart CBD products start with organically grown, pesticide free hemp from the best genetic lineage, which produces a golden full spectrum hemp distillate oil via Co2 supercritical extraction process.
The extracted oil is then refined with advanced chromatography equipment to remove THC and unwanted components, delivering a final profile that is rich in Cannabidiol, secondary cannabinoids, essential fatty acids, terpenes, and other beneficial plant molecules.

Non-Isolate – No Fillers – All Natural

Many companies use CBD Isolate (99.9% pure CBD) to formulate their products which strips away many of the beneficial components of the whole plant. Not only does this potentially limit the effectiveness of the products, but it also typically leads to the use of other fillers and additives that are not organic and all natural.
HealthSmart CBD never uses CBD Isolate in our products. All of our products contain only the finest broad spectrum, THC free hemp distillate oil and never use any fillers like glycerin or glycols found in other products.

Terpene Infused Synergy

Our CBD products are infused with all-natural plant terpenes to provide targeted benefits and deliver the Entourage Effect of terpene interaction with cannabinoids and the human endocannabinoid system.

Commitment To Quality

HealthSmart CBD products undergo rigorous 3rd party lab testing and quality control standards to ensure a pure, natural product that contains only the best ingredients for consistent and reliable results.