Free Delta 8 Hemp Pre-Roll

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Hemp Derived

Our king size pre-roll joints are packed with organically grown full spectrum hemp flower nugs.

3X Lab Tested

Materials are triple tested by 3rd party labs to ensure potency, accuracy and purity.

Full Strength

Organically grown hemp flower infused with D8 and CBD/CBG kief for maximum potency.

AIRE Delta 8 Hemp Pre-Roll Joint

We start with some top grade premium hemp flower nugs, shred, de-seed (theres really no seeds but we do it anyway), de-stem to create the perfect burning consistency.

We then infuse the shredded flower with a D8 / Terpene blend and pack the cones.

Our D8 Pre-rolled Joints have a potent infusion of D8, terpenes and are topped off with a coating of CBD & CBG blended Kief for maximum potency!

  • Delta 8 infused
  • Over 1G Hemp Flower
  • 30mg/g-65mg/g Delta 8 THC
  • Authentic RAW Cones Rolling Paper
  • Organically Grown Hemp
  • Lab Tested & COA

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